Summary of Chapter Cindy K1: Cindy as your keyholder

Cindy can become your keyholder at Details upcoming.

Schedule for writing

A ) 2023-03 block 5
B ) 2023-03 block 6
C ) 2023-07 block 1


Number of steps: 11

Total words: 14441 words

Steps in this chapter

18891Cindy accepts to be your keyholder
18942Hidden for inner steps
18953Hidden for inner steps
18964Hidden for inner steps
18975Hidden for inner steps
18986Hidden for inner steps
18997Hidden for inner steps
19008Hidden for inner steps
19019Hidden for inner steps
190410Hidden for inner steps
201711Hidden for inner steps

Fantasies in this chapter

Either not flagged yet, or no specific fantasies

Characters in this chapter

CindySex-loving girl who has sex with almost everything. Main girl for August 2020. One of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet. Will be available from the start. Please note that Cindy is a good friend of Mindy, despite having completely opposite personalities.Details
OliviaSex-loving roomate to Cindy. You meet her when you meet Cindy. Secondary girl for August 2020.Details
FeliciaSandra's gay roomate. She is just a secondary character will little interactions with you. You meet her throught SandraDetails
Julie KesslerSperm hating semi-lesbian girl who prefers girls to boys. Into teasing boys however... One of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet. She is the organizer of a recurring CMNF (Clothed Male Nude Female) event. Will be available from the start, and will get you to cross dress as a sissy. Unlike Cathy, she doesn't want you to pass as a girl. Her brother and parents are in Game 2.Details
EricEric is your Trigonometry Remedial Tutor. Will be available by going to your Trigonometry classes on ThursdaysDetails
RubyEric's girlfriend from your Trigonometry Remedial class. Important secondary character in the Eric storylineDetails
PennyPenny is looking for a boyfriend, but what she likes the most, are games. Everything is a game to her, so when it comes to chastity, she will make a game out of it. Picking marbles out of a bag to get unlocked. Playing board games to win favors. Using dices to make decisions. If Penny is selected, a random number generator will be used to determine certain outcomes!Details
StevenOne of Olivia's lovers. Secondary character with limited interactionsDetails
BrodyBrody is your bisexual roommate. You meet him in the prologue. He will eventually get his own chapters.Details
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