The story

Averi gets a new job in Europe

Just like in Game 1, Allan was the main character, Averi and Monty are the driving force behind game 3.

Originally a vanilla couple, Monty is forced in chastity by the Enclave, but you will get to decide how far and in which direction they go

The country

The "HRE" is a Femdom country

Originaly a libertarian paradise, the Enclave, a small nation within Switzerland allowed BDSM contracts to be enforced, until the mistreatement of a few female slaves caused an outrage.

Now, all men are in mandatory chastity, enforced by the state, and belong to their wives.

  • One couple

    Unlike game two, a single couple is followed.

  • Multiple stories

    Averi and Monty will meet and be influenced by other people.

  • Crossover characters

    Iris and Kurt are two of the previous characters to show up.

  • Tree progression

    Each chapter is a choice which blocks other chapters

Averi and Monty

All of the stories feature Averi and Monty in some way


Averi studied finance at the Shallow Bay College (location of game 1) and in her introduction, gets a job offer at the bank that provides most of the revenues to the High Rhine Enclave.