Chastity Choices, International Choice version: Our assumptions

We assume that you actually love chastity, but that having PIV sex with your wife is superior to not having sex.

We assume that you enjoy sodomizing your wife, and that it is rarer treat than PIV sex

We assume that if you picked a cuckolding version, you have a love/hate relationship with cuckolding and want the frustation of other men doing your wife

We assume that you find your wife being bisexual to be something very exciting and sexy female partners to your wife to be more interesting than male ones

We assume that if you get the chance to have a threesome with another woman and your wife, and the chance to have sex with that women, it's more interesting than almost anything else

We assume that the more you see your wife naked, the happier, hornier and more frustrated you become. That her nudity is a perk.

We assume that for her to sleep nude next to you, cuddling you, is the best way to sleep, period (apart from being with 2 women)

We assume that seeing your wife mastubate is better than nothing at all, and that masturbating is also better than nothing at all

We assume that being locked for 3 months is a long time and that you would like a shorter release interval.

We assume that you do not want your friends and colleagues to know of your chastity.

We assume that you do not want to be in permanent chastity

We assume that doing oral sex to your wife while locked up is a plesurable experience, but being FORCED to do it can become a chore

We assume that you are straight and that sexual contact with a man is negative in your eyes

We assume that you prefer to be teased than not

We assume all of these things to create a coherent story line. If any of those assumptions are wrong, please understand what we are trying to achieve and adjust to your liking.

Some of the girls do break assumptions, but it is clearly spelled out. Are few are obviously into permanent chastity, so in those paths, it is seen as a good thing: you picked her! In paths where it is imposed, it is seen as a bad thing: you didn't pick that.