Chastity Choices, International Choice version: Sandra from Canada

You picked Claudia ... You have 2 possible versions!

She is also into BDSM, but she is a slave and her master wants her to marry a submissive male so he can dominate him too.

You picked Chastity Claudia from Germany

She is kept in chastity, just like you are!

You have reached the end of the choices.

Read to see how you have done!

How is your married life?

So Claudia is without a doubt your wife. She loves you, she chose you, she lives with you and when you go out with friends, she sees you are her partner.

Her body however, belongs to Aleksandr (yes, he spells his name that way), a BDSM master who is unable to provide her with the love and affection she expects and as such, he encouraged her to date a submissive man in chastity to go well with her own fetishes without hurting his relationship with her.

Her own fetishes? Well, yes! She is into female chastity in addition to being submissive. She wants to physically service a man in exchange to being able to have sex with that man but she also needs love and Aleksandr cannot supply that to her.

So, Alexandr owns her body, the key to her chastity belt, while you have Claudia's heart and affection.

Now, what about your key? Well, that's the thing... It's Claudia's body that held the key, not her soul so as soon as Alexandr asked for it, she didn't hesitate at all to give it to him.

Let's make one thing clear however: Alexandr is Claudia's master first and foremost. When he does a BDSM scene implicating the two of you, it's for Claudia's benefit not so much yours.

That doesn't mean he won't dominate you... that doesn't mean he won't spank you, tie you up, but he does it because it excites her for him to so that, not for your own personal benefit.

For example, you might crave to be tied while he has sex with her, but if that day, she feels that her unlock should be private, he'll have sex with her and send you away.

He will respect your wishes and Claudia generally has your own best interest at heart but just understand that he dominates you for her benefit, not yours.

You only live with Claudia, so there are a few nights per week between only the two of you. Claudia will then want to spend a nice evening with you as equals (perhaps watching a movie?) and will fool around with you, kissing, let you fondle her breasts (she doesn't wear a locked bra but they are pierced) and will even agree to peg you.

Oh, right, did we mention the anal sex? We didn't. So here is the thing. Claudia bought a device that prevents anal sex, so Aleksandr, who has a very high sex drive, cannot even have anal sex with her without unlocking her! Often, he really, really wanted to fuck Claudia but can't because it's not a good time to unlock her.

Can you guess what happens then? He sodomizes you instead, while kissing Claudia, touching her breasts, pretending he is sodomizing her...

You don't have to agree, but it drastically increases your chances for an unlock.

Speaking of unlocks, for you, it's typically 2 to 3 times per month with Claudia allowed to please you as much as she wants (usually mix between a blow job and a handjob) but 2 to 3 times per year, he will unlock her at the same time for full-on sex!

Otherwise, he tends to unlock her 2 to 3 times per week for him to have sex with her.

Claudia doesn't really have a rich life outside of BDSM and your relationship. She has a job as an accountant but barely speaks to her colleagues. You can make friends and she will talk to them but doesn't really want to socialize. She only has 3 main priorites: keeping her job, keeping Aleksandr happy, having a good relationship with you.

Releases and unlocks

Neither you or Claudia have any say on your unlocks. Aleksandr decides on his whims when either of you are unlocked.

Claudia typically gets unlocked for his exclusive sexual use 2 or 3 times per week.

You typically get unlocked 2 to 3 time per month.

When unlocked, you are always in bondage and unable to touch yourself. Claudia removes the cage and either gives you a blow job, a hand job or if you were particuliarly nice (only happens 2 or 3 times per year), she gets unlocked for sex wih you.

Example scene

You are both kneeling by your bed, nude except for your chastity devices. Aleksandr is yelling something to both of you in German.

You are learning German and making good progress (even if you don't need it for your job as much as you would have thought), but he is using words you don't understand yet.

From context, you are understanding that a few are slangs and rather bad slangs. It's clear he is angry but you can't really understand why.

He looks at you.

"You have no idea what I am saying, stupid American?", he says, in a thick German accent.

"No sir", his preferred address from you. "I am learning, but not fast enough Sir."

He slaps you in the face. Not hard, just loudly.

"Worthless piece of shit. So you have no idea why you will be hurt tonight?"

"No sir, but I accept whatever punishment you think I deserve"

Claudia says something in German. Her German is certainly nicer than his, and you manage to understand most of the words.

Rouhgly, she said: "Don't blame him, it's my fault. Punish me"

His answer was clear enough. "Oh, I will, Don't you worry about that."

He violently grabs her by the hair (and the arm) and throw her on the bed. Well, she helps him with her leg to reduce the pain.

He places her on her stomach, that much I know but I can't clearly see from my point of view: you only see from my peripheral vision.

You do clearly see that he takes out from his large bag his studded paddle and his box of clothespins. Claudia was in for a rough time.

You could see that he was placing the clothespins on her body: they don't hurt much at first, but the longer they are in place, the more it hurts when you remove them. It's really devious.

You miss counting but when he is done, he begins hitting her ass with the paddle. He needs to aim properly to avoid the chains of the belt and the anal guard but he like always, he has perfect aim.

"Eins", says Claudia after the first hit. "One" in German.

"Zwei", she says after the loud second hit.

"Drei", she adds, after the 3rd but this time, with her throat a little tied.

"Vier", she managed to let out.

"Fünf" was said over the birth of tears of pain on the 5th hit.

"Sechs" occured over rather intense crying.

"Sieban" or 7, was yelled out after a few seconds.

And that's when he stopped.

In his heavy German accent but in English, he asks you to come on the bed, where he proceeds to hit you 8 times, each time on the exact same spot, each time with the pain increasing. When you mispronounce a number, he gently corrects you and moves on the other next

With the pain high and the confusion, you forget 8 in German. Claudia whispers "Acht" to you and you repeat as well as you can.

Aleksandr seems happy with your prononciation.

"You know, I am no longer in the mood. I am going home. No sex for either of you."

Claudia begins to plead, to beg. In German she says something like: "But I am so horny, I need to come"

But he ignores her and orders her no to follow him as he leaves your home.

Claudia cries loudly. You hold her.

"I am not like you", she says in her nice almost acccent-less English voice. "I need sex more often."

"What happened?"

"I told him it has been a long time I had sex with you and hoped we could soon. He began insulting me"

Ah. That could explain everything. Alexandr is very possessive of her body and doesn't like to share her sexually, not even with you, her husband.

You are happy!. You are being cuckolded and most of the time you can't have sex with your wife, but that's why you chose chastity, isn't? You didn't expect that she would be chastity too, but you end up finding it rather hot. You get to be submissive and have good moments with Claudia. Your wife is hot and loves you. She cares about you and wants to make sure you happy. And you are...

Did you like this ending? If not, start again, but don't pick the same Country....