Chastity Choices, International Choice version: The three types of girls

First: Shallow choice girls

When you pick a shallow choice girl, you get to the end of the choices right after having chosen her version.

Without spoiling anything, this is the case for most of Rita from the USA versions: she has the most versions and many of them are direct: what teased in the desription is what happens in the conclusion (but sometimes twisted around)

Their conclusion pages are not less in details than the others and in many cases, they are even more complete because they are written with only 1 option in mind

Getting a shallow choice girl, you don't get less in your life and in many cases, you get more description. It's just that the options are fixed for her. There is only one way to be married to her.

Second: Complex choice girls

They are exactly like the shallow choice girls, but with an additional layer or two of choices. You might have 2 sub-variants or even more.

In most cases, a lot of content will be shared between the various sub-variants but you have more of a say in how your relationship with your wife will be.

Third: Dynamic choise girls

These are the most complex: you can fine tune perks, negatives, options, and turn them on or off.

For example, many of those girls will let you decide if you want them to sleep naked with you or if they can wear a pajama.

Perks will cost you points, and negatives will give you back some points, but you don't know in advance the negatives you will be able to choose, and you don't know how mnay or even how many points each perk and negative add or remove.

Almost all girls except you to be fair in your choices or they will remove perks and/or add consequences in the order of their choosing, until you have enough points to buy your perks.

Be warned: Most of the girls start you at 0 points so any perks you take might need to be offset by consequences.

If you have a surplus of points, some girls will give you perks you didn't select or remove consequences she doesn't think you need (in the order of their choosing), but some will just accept the deal even unfair to you.

If you really want to try a dynamic girl, pick Mia, from the USA. She is dynamic in all of her versions, but some of the other girls are only dynamic in some of their versions.

Be sure to read the warning under the table of points to see how the girl reacts to you proposal.
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