Chastity Choices, International Choice version: Frequently asked Questions

About the site

Why is there a page not found error on one of my options?

Because many of the options are still under construction! We are working as fast as we can!

What is this site?

It's a choose your adventure type of "game" where you make choices to choose a women to marry and give the keys to your chastity device to.

Why? Because male chastity is more and more popular (with good reasons), and it's a fun way to make believe.

Why are some of the endings of the same girl so similar? Laziness?

In some cases, it is actually voluntary: if you compare the 2 versions you will notice small sometimes subtle differences betwen them

While it does make writing the variant faster, it is actually voluntary: in many cases, a girl is the same regardless of the options you pick: she simply adapts to your selection.

If you want a spoiler, you will discover that the same scene is present in all 4 variants of free Use Martha, but with small variants that were written that way. In fact, the scene was chosen specifically to allow the slight variations

But other girls are wildly different from each other in the various versions with almost nothing in commom between them! It's a mixed pot!

Why are some of the girls so simple?

Some of the girls, like Jeanne and Lynda are rather simple in their design: they each have 2 variants and that's it! They were designed that way, not cut for speed. We call them "shallow". Check our page with the types of women for more information

What isn't there more dynamic women?

That's because it takes a long time to create unique engaging dynamic women! We do plan to convert some of the complex women into Dynamic ones once the site will be completed (all of the endings done)

Why are many scene "coming soon"

We realized that writing scenes was the hardest part and when trying to finish the site, we tended to rush it and make them less interesting than she hoped. We thus decided to focus on the rest and come back to write the missing scenes

Is there really 100 planned endings?

Actually, there is more, because dynamic women have a lot more than 1 or 3 endings but we count them as a single one!

We actully have ideas for even more women, countries and endings but will finish these 100 before adding more.

So, we have 10 countries, and 33 possible wives. Each wife has at least 2 versions but a few have a lot more! Rita has 10 endings, Boonsri has 6 and Lotte has 9! All of these are written already by the way (but not their scenes).

Just these 3 women have 25 endings and the 30 remaining have 75 or abtout 2.5 per woman.

What is the New Zealand Country?

While writing some of the stories, some of the secondary characters kind of jumped off the page and we decided to add another country to host them. Four of them were written in their original endings prior to the creation of New Zealand and one was added (Francine) later.

The reaction of fans to Julie, Caroline and Rebecca is what prompted the new country, with Kylie added simply because we had ideas for her.

About chastity

What is a male chastity device?

It's a device, usually shapes by a tube, which a man can put on his penis to "lock it up" and prevent having erections. The width and/or length prevent building up a full erection.

Wait, so the man can't have sex with it? Why would he do that? He won't be able to have sex?

Because it's awesome? And yes, preventing sex and masturbation are exactly the point!

So, do men in chastity want to remain locked or they want to be released and have sex?


Seriously, for many men in chasity, one of the biggest thrills of chastity is losing the power to decide that outcome. It's the idea that your keyholder determines if you get a release or not.

They love the frustration of being denied and kept locked for a period of time, but they also love the release and finally being able to have sex with their wife

The actual ratio between the 2 varies from man to man, from keyholder to heyholder and sometimes, the 2 do not match perfectly so often the man needs to live with it since it's not easy to find a keyholder

So what is a keyholder?

The person who holds the key to a chastity device. Often, it is the wife of the man in chastity. Please note that the wife doesn't need to physically hold the key: it can simply be in the bedroom and the man decides not to cheat and use it without permission. Also, in real life, the man usually has access to an emergency key.

Wait, so a man in chastity could cheat and unlock himself?

Many devices are in plastic and easily broken. Many of the padlocks are keyed alike: we have the 2 Holytrainer cages models (each eith 2 keys), and the 4 keys are identical!

They key isn't meant in most relationships to be secure as in the font door of your house, but rather to work as the privavy lock on your bathroom door. In both cases, easily bypassed, but with the agreement it won't be unless it's an emergency

Cuckolding? Hotwife? Swinging?

A cuckold is a man whose's wife sleeps with other people outside of their marriage. He is a cuckold whether he knows about it or not, and whether he is present or not. His wife is a a cuckoldress

In the chastity community, it is a common (but not as universal as one might think) fantasy of the man in chastity to have his wife cuckold him to add to his frustration.

In the cuckold community, it is a less frequent but still present fantasy to add chastity to an existing cuckolding marriage.

So, a significant of people into chastity also experiment (because of the chastity), a cuckolding lifestyle (thought it could be less than 25%, hard to say), but only a slim number of people in a cuckolding relationship will begin to play with chastity.

At least, this is our understanding...

A hotwife is a women who sleeps around while married. All cuckoldress can be seen as a hotwife, but to cuckold is to degrade/humilate her husband while hotwifing doesn't imply that: the extranarital affairs a for the wife's sexual pleasure but does not preclude the man loving it.

Swinging is having extramarital sex where the couple is an agreement.

So, cuckolding: to cause frustration/humilation on the man, pleasure on the woman. Swinging: when everyone is happy with the affair. Hotwife: when only the wife sleeps around.

For most swingers, both the man and the woman sleep and most of the sex occurs with both people present, but it's not always true. Sometimes, only the wife swings and the man watches. Sometimes, they swap partners on 2 seperate rooms. They are varied.

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