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Begun during the COVID19 pandemic to help pass the time

This website began during the long months of the pandemic when the co-authors were stuck at home and bored. The International chastity game received great reviews while it was being built but when it was time to complete it, technological limits on how it was put made it harder to go on.
Realizing that, a second game, the College one, was created to be fully dynamic and easily edited which allowed to put almost all of the focus on the writing of the storylines.
The persisting pandemic and the broad support made the co-creators sign-up for Patreon get help from its supporters and give them special perks.

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Current projects

College Dynamic Novel Year 1

This in progress projet allows you to live rich experiences with college girls in your exploration in chastity. Over 1,000,000 words were written in the first year and it plays more like a dynamic nove. Mostly from a single main character POV, Allan

College Dynamic Novel Year 2

Worked in parallel with year 1, it features common characters but all couples are married (or close to) instead of being new relationships. Different engine allowing for parallel story lines and crossovers. No main character.

College Dynamic Novel Year 3

This time, the story is in Europe, and follow a couple, Averi and Monty, who move to the High Rhine Enclave, a FemDom tiny country

A virtual keyholder service with characters from our games!

International Keyholder Game

Our first game, currently on pause, which features over 100 endings, 33 girls from 10 countries! You make blind choices and get a wife and a lifestyle. No storyline, but no time commitment.


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