Patreon info and schedule

Our game is free, but you can pay a little more to get extras while helping support us

Pay a single $1 or more per month on Patreon to be able to automatically save your game progress on the server!

And to read our blogs: we usually post blogs every day on Patreon with updates and news.

For only $3 per month you can vote on our many polls, including deciding who the next month's main girl will be!

In the begining of the month, a long list of characters will be in the poll for the "pre-poll" and from there, the 5 most popular are voted on about the 15th of the month.

Cindy was voted in for August, Cathy for September, Mila for October and Jessica for November. You can help decide for December, January, etc...!

Plus, we have other polls like on in October asking which previous girl could come back for more chapters in November and December! (Cindy won)

Become a $4 or more per month Patreon to get instant access to all of the Beta content early!

Between the moment we finish writing a chapter and we feel it is ready for publication, our Beta tester patreon are able to test them and report any issues.

And now, Beta chapters will remain in Beta for up to 3 months before publication!

Not only that, but they get spoilers, hints and any details that you might miss superficially at a first glance.

Starting in February 2021, chapters will spend roughly 3 months in Beta before being published

This means that January's main girl, Helga, will be published in April, and February's main girl will be published live in May, and so on

Not fast enough? Become a $10 or more per month Patreon to get instant access to all of the Alpha content early!

This means being able to see content that has not be fully reviewed and is not set in stone yet. Often it will mean seing content a few weeks in advance!

Want to be able to cheat?

Even better, if you pledge $5 or more, you get access to a cheating toolbar to see the flags and go back in time!

You can click on shortcuts to directly go see some of the new content instead of having to replay existing one.

And if you pledge $10 or more, you get access to full table of content and can even propose typo corrections directly on the site!

And get a direct priviledged access to the creators.

Annie and Nicolette were directly inspired by Patron members, while Sandra got custom content proposed by another Patron. Sign up and tell us what you want!

Plan for the month of December 2023

Block 1: 1st-5thEmily (Game 1)Chapter 3Written
Block 2: 6th to 9thYvonne (Game 1)Chapter 4In Progress
Block 3: 10th to 14thInari (Game 6)Chapter 1In Progress
Block 4: 15th to 19thBunny (Game 2)Chapter 2Pending
Block 5: 20th to 24thSynthia (Game 1)Chapter 1Pending
Block 6: From 25thLucy (Game 1)Chapter 10In Progress
Block 6: From 25thZaria (Game 1)Chapter 4Pending

Plan for the month of January 2024

Block 3: 10th to 14thJessy (Game 1)Chapter 1Pending
Block 4: 15th to 19thNatasha (Game 2)Chapter 2Pending
Block 6: From 25thBianca (Game 1)Chapter 7Pending

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Plan for the next few months

Tim and Zoe, two characters who were planned for our 3rd game, will be written in the last week of the month


Cathy the sissy lover was September's Main girl with fellow band mates, Daniella, Wendy and Melanie (from our International Chastity Game). They will get a new chapter every month as they are now sponsored


Our character between chapters 2 and 3 of the main girl will be Lucy, the demisexual girl who wants a relationship, but hesitates to do so. Once in however, she will put a work/reward system of points.


Annie the serious bookworm with a wild side has new steps, about every few months, alternating with Tim and Zoe or Lucy, with both of you getting closer to Andrei, your teacher


We will keep adding new potential story lines (just like we added Becky, Kendall and Olina), now that we have written full chapters in 18 Story lines and will have a 19th in June, what remains is the least popular ones (and a few who simply didn't get their chance, always being 2nd or 3rd in the votes)


Plus, existing pending story lines will get more details. For example, the first half of January, TWELVE new side and secondary characters were added to Elizabeth, Rosa and Bianda


And in May, Li Hua, as well as Niles and Cassandra, were added as new characters

Li HuaCassandra
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Past content and schedule

Every month, our Patreon vote for the month's main girl who will typically get three new chapters!

Main girls so far:

  • July 2020: Sandra, the blow job loving girl into female chastity
  • August 2020: Cindy the sex addict (and chastity caption type key holder) girl and her roommate Olivia
  • Summer 2020: Amanda, your soccer team goal keeper and DJ who will be the girl of the site who will love you the most.
  • September 2020: Cathy, the sissy-loving girl who leads a dysfontional all girls band
  • October 2020: Mila the pet play lover who likes to have nude human pets play in her back yard
  • November 2020: Jessica (and Katryn), the member of the True Goddess Movement, a group dedicated to keeping men into chastity and females empowered
  • December 2020: One chapter of Sarah and Two of the Cardio squad
  • January 2021: Helga the naturist (which will get you closer to Wendy, Naomi, Stefany, etc... )
  • February 2021: Monika the emotionally dependent girl who can't let go of you
  • March 2021: Gabriella the Female Led Rlationship girl who loves swinging (we also added Tim and Zoe, the married couple that was planned for another game)
  • April 2021: Becky (and her roommate Linda), the humilation centered girl
  • May 2021: Bianca (and her roommates Erika, Carrie and Iris), the SM centered girl
  • June 2021: Samantha, the supernatural being
  • July 2021: Li Hua, the Asian, free use, nudist taking girl
  • August 2021: Olina, the Russian girl who likes to imprison guys

And every month, new content is put live

So far:

  • July 2020: Sandra first chapters were published
  • August 2020: More content for Sandra and Teagan was put live, as well as Amanda's begining
  • September 2020: Cindy left beta from August, as was Amanda's fun week and was published live.
  • October 2020: Cathy left beta from September, and Victoria chapter 1 and was published live
  • November 2020: Mila left beta from October, and Victoria chapter 2 and were published live
  • December 2020: Jessica (and Katryn) left Beta from November, along with Victoria chapter 3, and Annie's first big chapter and all were published live
  • January 2021: Sarah was put live, and The Cardio crew will be put live at the end of the month
  • February 2021: Amanda chapters 8 and Victoria chapter 4 were put live at the end of the month
  • March 2021: Amanda chapters 9 and Victoria chapter 5 were put live at the end of the month
  • April 2021: Helga and possible Amanda chapter 9 will be put live from January at the end of May
  • May 2021: Monika was put live from January, at the end of the month
  • June 2021: Gabriella will be put live from March, along with Amanda Chapter 10 at the end of the month
  • July 2021: Becky will be put live from April , along with Cathy's chapter 3 at the end of the month
  • August 2021: Bianca will be put live, along with Amanda Chapter 11 at the end of the month
  • September 2021: Samantha will be put live, at the end of the month
  • October 2021: Li Hua will be put live, at the end of the month
  • November 2021: Olina will be put live, at the end of the month

And every month, we added improvements to the site

So far:

  • June 2020: Main site is coded
  • July 2020: Ability to skip days was added, the cheater toolbar was added and improved, videos were adde, and the integration into Patreon
  • August 2020: Interupts were added, saved games and hangout optimization. Choices were also improved. A new cast page was created and later in the month a location page was added too. New POV Character
  • September 2020: Fix on the Patreon session and An online card game was started to serve as a companion game, but later abandonned. Teasers are added
  • October 2020: The sexual orientation of the characters and the studies of the characters were added to the cast page. is created
  • November 2020: Maps were created for your section and the campus, and you can see the number of sub-options in the corner of the general ones
  • December 2020: The addition of the exclusivity and side-character system. Maps were linked to the cast, and cast linked to their rooms and vice-versa
  • January 2021: The prologue was replaced by a leaner and more interesting introduction, and the exclusivity side characters were added. The background color legend page was also added, as well as the Alpha system.
  • February 2021: The alpha system went live, and the meta of new steps is listed on the Stats page.
  • March 2021: The new menu was build, as well as the summary page, and a new map
  • April 2021: The ranking of girls
  • May 2021: New map for the site
  • June 2021: Second level main characters were created
  • July 2021: A New poll on stories was added, and a character image gallery
  • August 2021: On hold and completed characters are now listed.

And every few months, our Patreon vote for a past character to get more content

So far:

  • October 2020: Cindy the sex addict (and chastity caption type key holder) girl and her roommate Olivia, Patrons voted to get more content in November/December
  • December 2020: Cathy, the sissy-loving drama addict, for January/February (and maybe March)

We also have characters who get more content between and after the three chapters of the main character

Right now, it usually is:

  • Between the 1st and the 2nd chapter: Cathy, the sissy-loving drama addict
  • Between the 2nd and the 3rd chapter: Lucy, the demisexual girl it takes time to get close to
  • After 3rd chapter: One of:
    • Tim and Zoe, a married couple whom, after the 1st chapter, will get different lifestyles
    • Teagan and Melody, who live accross the hall from Allan's room
    • Sandra, the blow job loving girl who is into female chastity
    • Annie, the serious bookworm with a wild side
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3 good reasons to support our Patreon

It's original content delivered for free.

Reason #1: It's original content delivered for free. Unlike many patreons where most of the content is reserved to patrons, the only exclusive features are the abilties to see behind the game or to cheat while playing.

In fact, the only reason this Patreon exist is due to the COVID19 and the job loss of the main writer and wife of the main creator.

Its writers listen to feedback and care about their readers.

Reason #2: Its writers have proven, via the International chastity game that they listen to feedback and care about their readers.

They are not hidden in their ivory tower insisting on "artistic purity or integrity". They want to make sure people have fun consuming their content, for if you write content and no one reads it, did you really create it?

With Patreon, you can use your dollars to support a couple in their vision while adding to it with your own ideas or preferences

Its creators are innovative.

Reason #3: Its creators are innovative. The International Chastity game at was ground breaking by offering at least 100 different endings with over 30 different keyholders, not counting many keyholders with DYNAMIC texts which, according to choices made earlier, adjust their description!

With the College game, they are in effect writing intertwined dynamic novels with multiple endings which you can hopefully mix and match.

They are not creating superficial keyholders that only care about your frequency of release but rather complex people (men and women) who you can grow attached to (or repulsed by).

They are mixing once again Gentle Femdom, Female Chastity, Hard SM, Lesbians laughing at a male in chastity, cuckolding, naturism, CMNF, etc... but this time with a long form narrative.

In summary: it's something new!

The creators aren't creating a chastity choice caption. They are creating something new: an online long form text based chastity game.

And a Bonus reason: the site will be in constant improvement and development. By supporting it financially, you make sure the creators do not lose interest by keeping them invested with your money, and your messages thru Patreon.

Thank you in advance.