Chess pieces in the war between Teagan and Monika

Teagan and Monika both see each other as the main love interest for Allan. This is a sort of back story that will eventually culminate in a massive crossover event.

In the case of Teagan, she is, in her mind, the real future wife of Allan, and as a future time traveller, she manipulates events to get Allan her way. She can only be happy if married to Allan, so her welfare depends on winning this war.

Monika on the other hand, is self-aware and knows that she is an online game. She knows that her very existance depends on being the focus of the story. It's not Allan she wants, it's the player's attention, via Allan.


Piece White (Teagan) Black (Monika)

The King is the leader of each faction

The Queen is the main piece in the war, the closest ally to the King

King's Bishop
Evelyn is both King's bishop. A specialist expert in what she does, but with limited use.
At first an ally of Monika, she is brought back from the future as Teagan's ally
Evelyn from the present

Queen's Bishop
Both Samantha and Sarah are powerful and mature (they are both fully adults), but will offer limited support. The war is in Sarah's past, and Samantha is barely an ally.

King's Knight
Carin and Yana are the two genius strategists which help their king strike in new ways.

Queen's Knight
Jessy and Amanda are less aligned with their King and serve only indirectly. Both have the purpose of seducing Allan to evently deliver him to their King. Amanda because she gets married to Angie instead, and Jessy because... well, she is Messy and unstable.

King's Rook
Becky, with her drugs and Rita with her army of people in chastity are main generals for their kinds.

Queen's Rook
Zlata and Kate are front line fighters, directly seducing Allan to get him away from their opposing King's objective. Kate is submissive and wants to break Teagan's hold on Allan, and Zlata is a naturist diverting Allan from physical chastity that is so dear to Monika

Most paws are only supporting the character they are defending (or close to them), like Melody who is Teagan's roommate, or Angie who is Amanda's girlfriend. Same with Sandra and Rita.

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  • Evelyn is initially an ally of Monika, but Teagan recruits future Evelyn on her side, but doesn't interfere with her old Monika's allied past self
  • Olina is found by Becky when Monika tries to deliver her to Samantha, and saves her using her drugs to control her.