Characters which can be in the Patreon Poll

This page indicates if, starting in October 2021, a character can be in the main poll (the winner of which gets 2 new chapters the next month), and/or in the single chapter poll (the winner getting a single chapter)

Many characters can be in both polls, but some in only one. The main only characters need 2 chapters to work. Fiona, for example, is dominant by day, and submissive by night. One chapter will show her dominant side, and the other her submissive side.

In the same say, Yvonne and Zaria are a pair, so we need one chapter focused on Yvonne, and another on Zaria.

Others can only get a single chapter: Amanda is mostly completed, Brittany and the Cardio crew need original ideas, and Gloria was never meant to have more than one chapter, to be honest.

Please note that this is only indicative: a character might be missing from a poll if no ideas are available that month or if a similar one was written recently.

Picture Character Description Polls
Adam (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Adam is a Casanova, plain and simple. He uses his charms and his good looks as an African America to get as many white bitches as he can in his bed, often together. Recently, he found one, named Eve, who grows every attached to him and is willing to have threesomes with any of his other partners, so he agreed to lead her on, but has no intentions of settling down. He likes to seduce women too much to limit himself to only one pussy...both polls
is in 43 steps of 10 chapters
for a total of 78225 words.
both polls
Bianca (Game 1)
is in 23 steps of 5 chapters
for a total of 33199 words.
Student living off-campus who is into bondage and spanking as well as rave parties. You meet her via Daisy. Her and her roommates want boys to live with them so that they can boss them around. Bianca likes to use pain to control the boys.both polls
Bunny (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Bunny has anxiety problems and has such, isn't very functional in life. She found an alpha male to tame her, and control her life, which managed to keep her anxiety in check. BDSM even helped alleviate any performance issues she suffers from when it comes to sex, and threesomes helped her see how women behave in bed. Plus. Paolo doesn't want her to work, other than helping him with his books, which solves all the anxiety issues from work.both polls
Carin (Game 1)
is in 5 steps of 1 chapters
for a total of 8298 words.
Carin, or "Chastity Advanced Release Initiator Network", is an experimental AI built by Monika for the High Rhine Enclave to tease and keep men interested while in chastity, all while denying them releases. She is playful, but controls the chastity devices which were imported from the HRE (which is in game 3). Averi will not encounter Carin for now, but she might show up there too.both polls
Charlotte (Game 2)
is in 12 steps of 3 chapters
for a total of 19275 words.
Charlotte realized her mother was receiving male lovers when she was 11. When 12, she accidentally saw her father nude and realized he had something on his penis. She wanted answers, on so her 13th birthday, she confronted her parents to discover that her father was in permanent chastity and her mother cuckolded him. When Charlotte realized she was asexual, she took a page from her parent's playbook and locked herself in permanent chastity, much to their horror. She was only 15. Instead, she realized she was kinky and as soon as she turned 18, she began going to BDSM dungeons. Not dominant or submissive, she just enjoys the mood and plays along, enjoying being tied, tying others, inflicting pain or receiving pain. As long as no sex is involved, she is happy. She met Nathan in college, in Florida, far from her native city of Montreal. They met at a BDSM event and after a few scenes together, fell in love. They have a perfect relationship based on trust, honesty and general kinkiness with of them of seeing BDSM the same way. But Nathan isn't asexual. Therefore, she encourages him to get himself a girlfriend for sexuality and the emotional connection that comes from it. Ginger is Charlotte's favorite so far since she is a little kinky herself and isn't jealous of her. It's thanks to Ginger that Charlotte realized that she likes seeing Nathan sexually please a woman, just, not her.both polls
Christine (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Christine is in college to have fun. To have sex, mainly. Sure, she is studying hard, but outside of classes, she is trying to have as much fun as possible. Went to a nude aerobics class, participated in an orgy (both with Polly), went to CMNF events with Julie. She is living the life! Even once took part in a gang bang with Cindy, and a few times helped Sandra with blow jobs. But she met Kenny, and he is exactly the type of husband she wants. In fact, that's why she married him! Respectful, nice, successful, motivated. He is perfect... Yet, when it comes to sex... he pales in comparison to her adventures. But that's college, she only has one more year to be a slut, and then, it will be Kenny for the rest of her life. Sigh...both polls
Daphne (Game 2)
is in 13 steps of 4 chapters
for a total of 26691 words.
Daphne doesn't know much in life. She doesn't know what she wants from life in general, but she knows that she wants a female led relationship with her husband, whoever he is. Justin seems pathetic enough and makes enough money to fit the bill, so, so be it.both polls
Ellie (Game 2)
is in 41 steps of 9 chapters
for a total of 68259 words.
Ellie is a fun girl. Always in a good mood, she teaches photography at the college and is married to the most wonderful man in the world who just started his promising start-up. Things are looking up for Ellie! If only Bob had sex drive. Fortunately, Nina, Ellie's best friend does and they often have sex behind their husband's backs, but now that Bob found out, Nina has an idea on how to help lower her husband's sex drive and increase Bobs. Interesting... This is bound to make things every more fun!both polls
Emma (Game 2)
is in 8 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 13603 words.
Emma has always been interested in sex, and is rather an exhibitionist. A student at a clothing optional campus, she is usually nude not because she is a naturist, but to expose her body. When she is in a class with other naturists, however, she wears her most revealing clothes. What she enjoys the most is public sex, but she knows it's illegal. She doesn't mind being daring, however. She used to be promiscuous, but then, she met Charles and married him. While she was stuck in her studies, he was a good ally with a great job who could support her and let's face it, he is nice and funny. But she needs more, sexually...both polls
Eric (Game 1)
is in 12 steps of 8 chapters
for a total of 21781 words.
Eric is your Trigonometry Remedial Tutor. Will be available by going to your Trigonometry classes on Thursdaysboth polls
Helga (Game 1)
is in 68 steps of 18 chapters
for a total of 117218 words.
Naturist on campus willing to do anything to make a nudist our of you. Also into bicycle rides. You can meet Helga in your Political Science Lecture. both polls
Ida (Game 2)
is in 1 steps of 1 chapters
for a total of 2688 words.
Ida studied physics in Denmark and was the best student in her program. She already had a job offer to work at Airbus and many of her teacher predict she will one day win the Luigi G. Napolitano Award for advancing aerospace engineering while under 30. The college, however, had other plans in mind. The dean travelled to her home to make her an offer she couldn't refuse: she would get a full scholarship for her doctorate, a private lab, a summer job at NASA, tenure as a professor once she graduates and guaranteed to become the chair of the Aerospace department which is getting a major new campus to be complete when she graduates. She might be one of the most brilliant minds of the world born since arrival of the Internet, in her personal life, as a proper Danish girl, she is modest and even hides her intelligence to avoid scaring the boys away. Like Ken, a boy she fancies and who is lead to believe that she is only doing a bachelor degree, and to be stuggling with it.both polls
Ingrid (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Ingrid always thought that women were inherently better than men. They can multitask, are more in touch with their emotions, have more empathy, and are better organized. Her mother taught her not to even have a man in her life, but Ingrid had another idea. She read about Female Led Relationships, including chastity, and decided to implement that in her relationship with her boyfriend Jerry. It didn't go well. She realized that you can't take a patriarchy-based relationship and turn it into an FLR one, so she recruited her new boyfriend from Fetlife, in the FLR groups. Samuel is everything she ever dreamed of. He is pliable, malleable and she can change him however she wants, while he does everything around the house. Now, she lives in a drama-free house, has a great career, and both her and Samuel are happy.both polls
Jessy (Game 1)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Jessy is a nice friendly girl, who is a lifeguard for both the indoor pool, and a public pool 2 blocks away, but also, when there are special events, at Stanley, where she lifeguards in the nude. She isn't a naturist, but still sometimes hangs up nude in the pool with them. She is well organized, gets good grades, and follows a 5-year plan for her future career. Jessy is monogamous and 100% straight. But Jessy is also... Messy. Messy is the name of her wild alter ego, which wants to party, goes to orgies, is a swinger, is polyamorous and fully bisexual, sleeping around, drinking, going to sex parties. Messy is also bitchy and flirty. However, Messy is also a lot more fun than Jessy! In short, she is a reverse Sabrina, but doesn't need alcohol. Jessy might not give you the time of day, but Messy will party with you.both polls
Katelyn (Game 2)
is in 11 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 19692 words.
Katelyn is a very sexual girl who could never be in a monogamous relationship and agreed to marry Evan only because he was fine with it. Ok, also because she finds him cute, funny and he seems to really enjoy when she has sex with other men. Really. Katelyn is doing her master in mechanical engineering and doesn't lack lovers. A few run after her because they have a sort of black fetish, but she doesn't mind! She doesn't want to date them, she already dates Evan. But now, Evan has a new ideas in mind, and perhaps it could be interesting.both polls
Kendall (Game 1)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Girl who is a member of a sex cult. An actual religiously defined sex cult with a guru, Ranesh, as a leader.both polls
Layla (Game 2)
is in 32 steps of 4 chapters
for a total of 43147 words.
Outdoor magazine editor who feels like her married life is becoming too boring. She has an idea to rekindle her romantic and sexual relationship with her husband, Elliot, a music teacher at the college: male chastityboth polls
Libbie (Game 2)
is in 9 steps of 7 chapters
for a total of 15961 words.
Libbie is an extremely outgoing and sex positive girl who decided that since her best feature is her openness and her ability to connect with people, she would become a sexologist. It also became easy to just apply to work at a sex shop to help give her pocket money, since she loves helping customers finding sex toys. But Libbie is also polyamorous. Why love one person when you can love anyone? Sadly for her partners, while she has no issues having sex with people who are not exclusive to her, she needs her partners to be monogamous. Yes, it makes her a hypocrite, but that's the way she is built. Perhaps it's the weird naming of her first name? Still, Xavier was up for it, agreeing to become exclusively her boyfriend without restraining her sexually. Scarlett only recently became her girlfriend, but that's another story.both polls
Linh (Game 1)
is in 2 steps of 1 chapters
for a total of 3754 words.
Kinky bisexual woman who is dominant with men, but submissive to women. Her twist is that her secondary characters are all from other story lines. You meet her via Daisyboth polls
Lucy (Game 1)
is in 86 steps of 11 chapters
for a total of 140804 words.
Lucy wants a steady boyfriend, but unlike Amanda, who falls in love easily, she is hard to get onboard. Rather selfish sexually. One of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet. Will be available from the start both polls
Lydia (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Lydia was minding her own business when she was drugged, kidnapped, stripped naked, and put this in this locked basement as a prisoner, with a weird guy locked to the wall, knocked out. What the hell is going on?both polls
Madelaine (Game 1)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Warning: Madelaine breaks continuity with other stories. This is in a "timeline" without Rita, since Allan didn't date Sandra. Therefore, Kim's chapters in game 2 didn't occur, and she didn't end up in chastity. She still ends up a naturist. Madelaine (Maddy), was taking courses at her local college to spend time away from her husband, who was becoming angrier and more disconnected with reality. When he hit her, she grabbed her things, moved to Florida and managed to get her local college classes credited and to become Evelyn's replacement roommate. Evelyn didn't like it ONE BIT, but Maddy was so nice and open with her, notably cooking her a pie, and being excited that she was into Wicca, so the two became unlikely friends. She got along super well with Teagan, who almost sees her as a new mother, with Leah, with pretty much every one in the section. But... Maddy is here for a particular reason. She is Kim and Kayla's mother, and wants to help their daughters reconnect. In the process, she wants to rediscover her sexuality, and her cute young neighbor, Allan, seems just perfect. PS: And yes, it's Madelaine with an A, not an with E. both polls
Marina (Game 2)
is in 10 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 16605 words.
Marina loves her husband, she does! But the trust is, their bedroom is always on the verge of becoming a dead bedroom. She can't blame him for masturbating, she often prefers to masturbate to the hassle of sex. What is wrong with her? Inside, she blames herself. She is inadequate for him. She isn't able to function well enough in bed, and while she knows that perhaps, he doesn't try enough, it's true that she doesn't let him do it. All she wanted was a happy marriage! She had been searching for the secret to a happy marriage, and couldn't find anything worthwhile until, out of the blue, something different popped out. Unlike the other sites, there was no ad, no sign up or small fee to get a junk PDF file, and only 12 pages, but 5 of them were almost like a post-script. The first seven spelled out the plan, and Goddamn it, she will follow it to the letter even if it kills her in the process.both polls
Mindy (Game 1)
is in 32 steps of 12 chapters
for a total of 49944 words.
Mindy is a strict dominant that is into Sado-Masochism and the physical aspects of BDSM. One of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet. Will be available from the start both polls
Mona (Both games)
is in 26 steps of 7 chapters
for a total of 51275 words.
Naturist "living" in a tent at Sunny Brooke with her husband Greg.both polls
Nadia (Game 2)
is in 8 steps of 1 chapters
for a total of 11779 words.
Nadia had a wonderful life ahead of her. She was pregnant with her first child, had a great career ahead of her as a personal trainer, a loving and affectionate husband. Everything was going great. Until a drunk driver hit her, making her lose her baby, her uterus and paralyzed her from the navel down. Now, everything is dark in her life.both polls
Nikki (Game 2)
is in 7 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 13793 words.
Nikki loves her husband, Kanan. She does! And despite somebody image problems linked to her weight, she enjoys sexuality with him, especially trying new positions. She might have sex more often, only, well, she can't tell him, but he is... well... incapable of making her orgasm. When she does climax from penetration, it's usually because she was masturbating at the same time. She did try to prolong foreplay, like him going down on her long enough for her to almost come, but then, he is premature and she doesn't get to finish. If only he didn't insist that all of her orgasms were from penetration. She could otherwise finish on her own, or openly masturbate while they fuck. Instead, she does it in the shower.both polls
Nina (Game 2)
is in 39 steps of 11 chapters
for a total of 65246 words.
Nina is a cock tease: she really, really enjoys teasing guys and then deny them. She loves to push a guy to the breaking point, where he is about to rape her out of sheer sexual frustration, and then, just say no. After she married Amar because of his very high sex drive and will to push her boundaries, she realized there was a tool to help push that breaking point further: male chastity. Getting her best friend and fuck friend Ellie to also lock her husband Bob was only the start of her Machiavellian plans to push guys even further. Even Greta is considering it!both polls
Olina (Game 1)
is in 20 steps of 3 chapters
for a total of 26309 words.
Hot blonde whose boyfriend all mysteriously eventually leave campus and drop from college.both polls
Osha (Game 2)
is in 5 steps of 1 chapters
for a total of 8682 words.
Osha is from a long line of Kama Sutra coaches. She learned from her family, who were from India, secrets about sexuality which are not even in expert books on the Kama Sutra. As a coach, she goes into the bedroom of her clients, and guides them with their sexuality. This often involves having sex with them, to show them the proper way to love their spouse. Unlike her mother, however, she doesn't love the profession as a result, she is eager to have sex to please her clients, but feels like having unpaid sex with her husband is taking away from her spare time. Can't he just watch a TV show?both polls
Rayanne (Game 2)
is in 11 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 22277 words.
All Rayanne wants in life, is a man to tell her what to do. She's decided that her role in a relationship is to be the one that submits to their partner. She is unable to take decisions in a relationship anyway, so he should decide. She doesn't mind anything. If he wants to beat her, she will let him. If he wishes to share her, she will let him. Anything but boredom. And even that, she would get used to if he ordered her. When she met Wesley, it was love at first sight. He was kinky like her, and was always either dominant with her, or topping from below. That too, works fine for Rayanne. It's not the role of submissive she cares about, it's not deciding what to do that she wants. both polls
Roxy (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Roxy is a Yoga teacher at the college and is surrounded by students she desires but can't date due to rules about teacher-student relationships. She knows her dating potential, after all, she is one of the few teachers with permission to teach nude and use the clothing optional context on campus, a right she often uses despite not being a naturist. She is hip, close to nature and non-monogamous. Heck, she is even a little kinky. Why can't she find someone? With some money in the bank but little time to date, thanks to a house she inherited from an aunt who died too young, she sees if she cannot invest into a relationship.both polls
Tanya (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Tanya was happy with Felix, but he kept asking her for threesomes. She only agreed if both types of threesomes were made. She was sure it would be a MMF threesome first, but they found Libbie and had a great threesome with her. Tanya even stayed in touch with her, and they became friends. Nice. But Felix didn't work to find a man, so she took Tanya suggested and locked him in chastity until he found a man. It didn't take long... he quickly found a man to have the threesome with, only... it opened Tanya's eyes. Big black cocks are in a different world from Felix's little dicklet. The threesome occurred, but it gave her new ideas. both polls
Valery (Game 2)
is in 4 steps of 1 chapters
for a total of 7114 words.
Valery is a dental hygiene teacher at the college. She is surprised she even got the job, but apparently, no one else wanted it. Oh well, she prefers that to the actual job which she studied for and ended up hating. Life with Javier is great. He is a fun husband, they communicate well and he isn't too boring in bed. Her main issue is that he is pestering her to add kink to their lives. Why? What is even interesting in bondage?both polls
Veronica (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Veronica is happily married to Jacob and they are both kinky, but in a light superficial way, just like they love it. They bought toys, and use them occasionally, but mostly have a vanilla lifestyle.both polls
Yoko (Game 1)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
From Allan's point of view, Yoko is the main character of this story, but in reality, she is the lowest ranked member of the Ranked Polyamorous group founded by Pedro and Ruth 15 years ago, and now led by Matt and Carina. She is desperate to recruit more men, but more importantly, more men she either desires, or who can't abuse her like she feels Seth and Pedro are doing. She feels that by recruiting a 4 man, maybe the rule of double ranks between the men and the women will be dropped.both polls
Yvonne (Game 1)
is in 29 steps of 5 chapters
for a total of 48895 words.
Girl living close to your section which you can date. But she shares everything with her best friend and roommate, Zaria. But both girls are 100% straight. Both girls are mostly vanilla, but see relationships differently, without realizing how different they are. Yvonne is the most romantic one of the two, and sees a good relationship as the pillar of a good sexual chemistry.both polls
Zoe (Both games)
is in 29 steps of 5 chapters
for a total of 44579 words.
Tim's wife and new teacher for the biology classboth polls
Caroline (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Caroline wants power. It's that simple. She tried the True Goddess Movement (where she met her husband Brian), but there was always someone above her and the only way to rise to the top was to suck up to the girl above you and wait for her to graduate. She even tried BDSM but it feels hollow. Oh, she still does some, but Karen, her best friend, showed her the way: it's in constantly undermining everyone, but where Karen is wild and unpredictable, Caroline is calculating and cold.main polls
Eden (Game 2)
is in 11 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 19058 words.
Eden always felt weird growing up. Like she didn't fit with the other girls, like she didn't fit with the boys either. One day, in elementary school, it hit her and she realized she was gay. Hey, it's common on television right? It didn't go well. She got beat up at school, and her parents rejected her and threw her in the streets. CPS intervened and placed her in a supporting foster home ran by a lesbian couple who helped her accept who she was. Fortunately, her foster mothers and the other foster kids were always there for her, and she was always there for them. That's how she met an equally rejected trans girl named Axel, with whom friendship turned to love even if sexuality is sometimes a problem, as Axel still have male genitals and seeing how complex surgery is, and it freaks out Eden. Then, one day, about 6 months after their wedding, male chastity was talked about at Axel's job: apparently, her boss, Bob, is in chastity as well as two of Axel's co-workers. Even heard Axel casually mention it at supper, but it didn't fall into deaf ears... main polls
Fiona (Game 1)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Girl you can play with, who is dominant by day, submissive by night. Still to be definedmain polls
Greta (Game 2)
is in 21 steps of 4 chapters
for a total of 40516 words.
Greta wants kids. A ton of them. At least 8, perhaps 10. She is married to Cody, whom she loves with all of her heart. He will make a great father to her kids and is a great friend. Only... How can she say this? He is an African American and she is, well, white. She wants the best for her kids, and in this racist shithole country, brown kids don't do as well as white ones. But Cody would be a great father, no doubt about it. Oh well, it's not like sex matters to her that much other than for procreating, and her two best friends, Nina and Ellie both lock their husbands in male chastity. At least, sex with them is fun. main polls
Karen (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Karen is a seriously mentally unstable woman who enjoys stirring up drama. She is the new future trophy wife for Dean Walden, the Dean of the college, after being his mistress for a while. She keeps her boyfriend and future husband in strict chastity and only let him out when in a good mood... which isn't often. Close to Caroline, her best friend she sometimes fool around with.main polls
Kinsey (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Kinsey has a problem. She is married to Daniel, but she doesn't have his full attention. She is hot! Really hot. She knows it. But Daniel still looks at guys. It both frightens and excites her. Only, she can't agree to share his wonderful dick with other guys, but she can't go on if Daniel doesn't do something about his attraction to guys. Her solution? Male chastity, while pushing Daniel to be a bottom to cute gay guys. Maybe she can watch? main polls
Lynda (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Lynda loves her husband Owen, so much, that she wants to cuddle with him all evening, playing with each other's hair, gently caressing each other's skin, while either listening to smooth jazz or binge-watching the latest Netflix craze. If only he could stop asking for sex! What's interesting about sex? It's gross, it's disgusting. It's how you transmit diseases, and make kids. Isn't the world full enough as it is? Owen was an orphan, why the fuck does he want to put another kid in the world? Plus, sex involves disgusting fluids, on both sides! Oh, and having sex with a guy involves him eventually asking for anal sex. That's where poop gets out! Yuck. If only there was a way to just tell him no in without having to say no. Lynda offered to let Owen sleep around, but he doesn't want to. Well, until recently. He did joke about being a bull, which Lynda didn't understand at all, but once he explained about his colleagues and his boss being in chastity, Lynda had her solution to her problem. main polls
Ophelia (Game 1)
is in 5 steps of 1 chapters
for a total of 10998 words.
Girl with a wildly changing and unpredictable personality. Still to be defined. Even her sexuality is 100% fluid and changing.main polls
Penny (Game 1)
is in 19 steps of 5 chapters
for a total of 24136 words.
Penny is looking for a boyfriend, but what she likes the most, are games. Everything is a game to her, so when it comes to chastity, she will make a game out of it. Picking marbles out of a bag to get unlocked. Playing board games to win favors. Using dices to make decisions. If Penny is selected, a random number generator will be used to determine certain outcomes!main polls
Amanda Janssen (Game 1)
is in 151 steps of 22 chapters
for a total of 183111 words.
Loving vanilla girl who has her own ideas about chastity. You can meet Amanda in your soccer class.single polls
Annie (Game 1)
is in 38 steps of 8 chapters
for a total of 50454 words.
Bookworm with a wild side, you can meet Annie in your English Literature class.single polls
Billie (Game 1)
is in 8 steps of 3 chapters
for a total of 7328 words.
The tenderiser who beats his sexual partners up before doing anal sex on them. One of the 5 guys that Brody proposes you meet. Will be available from the startsingle polls
Brittany (Game 1)
is in 25 steps of 4 chapters
for a total of 23907 words.
Leader of a group of girls from your Calculus class who need help and are willing to be useful in exchange... Will be available by attending your Calculus classsingle polls
Cathy (Game 1)
is in 145 steps of 21 chapters
for a total of 184428 words.
Cathy is a girl who is into sissies. Singer in the all female "Belinda Benatars" which becomes the "Grooving Girls" band. You will meet her by "hanging out". Main girl for September 2020single polls
Corey (Game 1)
is in 36 steps of 6 chapters
for a total of 30814 words.
Your high school sweatheart which you meet in the Sandra story line. Optional, easy to miss character.single polls
Elizabeth (Game 1)
is in 14 steps of 7 chapters
for a total of 21777 words.
Your Women Studies Discussion professor. Hates men. Into humiliation. Will be available by attending your Friday Women Studies classsingle polls
Emily (Game 1)
is in 12 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 16244 words.
Aristocrat from the UK studying in America to get her degree. From the international Chastity game. Is into human Ponies. You meet her via Daisysingle polls
Erin (Game 1)
is in 4 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 6909 words.
Free use girl who tries to recruit other girls to follow that lifestyle. You can meet her via Daisy.single polls
Evelyn (Game 1)
is in 44 steps of 11 chapters
for a total of 69609 words.
Weird lonely girl who lives next door to you and who smells weird. Is into Wicca.single polls
Gabriella (Game 1)
is in 25 steps of 4 chapters
for a total of 37999 words.
A girl you meet in biology, and is into female-led relationships and swinging. Will be available by attending your Thursday Biology lecture.single polls
Gloria (Game 1)
is in 4 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 7086 words.
A girl from the college Chastity group. Will be available by hanging outsingle polls
Jackie (Game 2)
is in 15 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 19638 words.
Jackie is kinky, and always was. She loves to play with the borders of BDSM, so when she met Carl, who is a switch like she is who just loves to fool around, it was love at first sight! They eloped young, mainly to avoid bullshit with Jackie's parents who were overbearing and controlling, but it suited Carl just fine. For Jackie, any guy willing to tie her up, beat her a little, and then, turn around so she can return the favor before fucking him for hours is her kind of guy. Plus, they also do some kinky play with Maurice, one of Carl's friends he met at a BDSM dungeon. He is as hardcore as Carl and her are. And yet... it awakened something in Jackie. Maybe she doesn't want to be a switch anymore. Maybe the beating up part is more interesting than the being beaten part. Maybe the tying part is more fun than the being tied part.single polls
Jenny (Game 1)
is in 16 steps of 7 chapters
for a total of 20594 words.
Submissive lesbian girl who is roommate with her lesbian dominant, Crystal. She is an alternative Point of View character you will get to play.single polls
Jessica Smith (Game 1)
is in 29 steps of 9 chapters
for a total of 43779 words.
Your partner from the Laboratory 101 class. Seems to be in some sort of cult or secret society. Will be available by attending your Lab. Kyle however, meets her from the start.single polls
is in 8 steps of 3 chapters
for a total of 14624 words.
single polls
Julie Kessler (Game 1)
is in 27 steps of 5 chapters
for a total of 49145 words.
Sperm hating semi-lesbian girl who prefers girls to boys. Into teasing boys however... One of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet. She is the organizer of a recurring CMNF (Clothed Male Nude Female) event. Will be available from the start, and will get you to cross dress as a sissy. Unlike Cathy, she doesn't want you to pass as a girl. Her brother and parents are in Game 2.single polls
Karla (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Karla loves her husband and it's clear he loves her, but he also loves to sleep around which is driving her insane! He thinks she doesn't know, but she does and she hates it. Twice, she's followed him and seen him leave a bar with a hot girl. Once, even with two, for a threesome! What drives her crazy, is that if he only asked, she would have joined them gladly. But he doesn't. He just cheats on her. If only she had a way to keep him honest.single polls
Kendra (Game 1)
is in 2 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 2272 words.
Track and field pro on college who is a friend of Daisy and has little time for relationships. Is a bondage adept: she likes to tie the people she has sex with.single polls
Kim (Both games)
is in 28 steps of 12 chapters
for a total of 41624 words.
Scott's girlfriend and roommate to Maxine. Is also the identical twin sister of Kayla.single polls
Kyle (Game 1)
is in 35 steps of 7 chapters
for a total of 45033 words.
Kyle considers himself lucky. He got to college with his sexy high school sweetheart, got a room next door to her on campus, and they love each other. What could go wrong? Kyle is a Point of View character who gets put into chastity by his girlfriend Elena when she joins Jessica's secret society single polls
Melanie (Game 1)
is in 101 steps of 17 chapters
for a total of 131138 words.
Drummer for Cathy's band. French-speaking girl From Montreal, Canada who love heavy metal. Cross over from our International chastity game and future main girl.single polls
Nicolette (Game 1)
is in 2 steps of 1 chapters
for a total of 2649 words.
A high class senior who is convinced of her superiority over everyone, even her boyfriend. Will be available by hanging outsingle polls
Niles (Both games)
is in 8 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 12595 words.
A guy who encouraged his girlfriend to see other guys, but who got in way over this head.single polls
Polly (Game 1)
is in 81 steps of 20 chapters
for a total of 93637 words.
A girl who is into a little bit of everything and decides to try female chastity. She is a second level character you can play with after meeting Sandra single polls
Raina (Game 1)
is in 17 steps of 4 chapters
for a total of 26234 words.
Raina is a spirituality centered girl who believe in new age ideas, including free love and sex, which she shares with her two roommates, Queeny and Regina. Raina believes in "the process" which is the idea that the journey, is more important than the destination. To her, sex is about sharing a moment, not the orgasm. As a result, she prefers tantric sex and sees Allan's chastity as the purest form of it. Sharing sexuality without physical pleasure. To her, Allan's chastity is a spiritual journey.single polls
Rebecca (Game 1)
is in 10 steps of 3 chapters
for a total of 13395 words.
Free spirit girl who is both into pet play and into free use. Hangs with Mila as a cat (without being submissive to her) and with Erinsingle polls
Rita Rojas (Both games)
is in 47 steps of 9 chapters
for a total of 65761 words.
Gustav's girlfriend who gets into female chastity. Second-Level character. You meet her through Polly (and thus, through Sandra)single polls
Rosa (Game 1)
is in 20 steps of 4 chapters
for a total of 29614 words.
Rosa is a film student who wants to have a career as a female porn producer and thus, films porn movies in her home studio. Met via Daisy, one of her actressessingle polls
Sabrina (Game 1)
is in 15 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 19298 words.
A girl that Allan can date, which is a heavy manipulator. She lies, cheat and does everything she can to get what she wants, only, it's not clear what she wants. She is very nice when she gets her way, but angry and nasty otherwise. Chastity, is but a tool to achieve her goals.single polls
Samantha Riley (Game 1)
is in 38 steps of 12 chapters
for a total of 54852 words.
Psychology teacher. Mentor to Victoria and therapist to Annie. Also best friend of Andrei's wife.single polls
Sandra (Game 1)
is in 130 steps of 19 chapters
for a total of 136461 words.
Blow job loving girl that is into female chastity. Main girl for July 2020. Sandra is one of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet so she is available from the start.single polls
Sandra Paul (Game 2)
is in 8 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 14185 words.
It was an accident. A drunken accident. Sandra slept with one of her colleagues after a party where she got drunk. Her husband, Harold, was a teacher but didn't feel well. The music was outstanding, with the keyboard player nude! Wow. Sandra drank too much, that's her fault. But her colleague took advantage of her. She confided in Harold, hoping to get support for pressing charges, but they got into a fight. A nasty one. And then, they had sex like they never had before. Since then, Sandra began sleeping around to get more attention from her husband, including with some of his colleagues and even with one of his female students. It's usually with guys though... This really brought them closer, but his birthday is coming up, and well, she is getting the courage to give him the best gift for a guy whose wife sleeps around: a chastity cage.single polls
Sarah (Game 1)
is in 21 steps of 8 chapters
for a total of 28496 words.
Someone very important to Teagan and who looks a lot like Teagan, but older.single polls
Steve (Game 1)
is in 7 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 6591 words.
The jackhammer, a bisexual guy who prefers hard sex. Go expert, One of the 5 guys that Brody proposes you meet. Will be available from the startsingle polls
Sylvia (Game 2)
is in 0 steps of 0 chapters
for a total of 0 words.
Sylvia is a web entrepreneur who does everything online. Most of her friends are virtual, she does all of her shopping online, including finding her husband, all the way from China! She even bought his piercing secured chastity cage from a specialty shop and now that they are married, he is about to learn who is the boss... After all, she rules, and shouldn't be tied down. Sometimes, she even thinks of calling her former female lover, Libbie, the one time she jumped the fence for the other team. single polls
Tara (Both games)
is in 17 steps of 2 chapters
for a total of 27954 words.
Tara joined the True Goddess Movement in her freshman year and had Carter pledged to her. Over the following two years, the two grew close to each other and truly fell in love. Going through each of the levels was fun for them, and now, they are now in their 3rd year together and are looking forward to their wedding.single polls
Teagan (Game 1)
is in 158 steps of 59 chapters
for a total of 207379 words.
Girl who lives across the hall and who is constantly cooking desserts for everyone. She learns of your chastity through gossiping and decides to start teasing you.single polls
Tim (Both games)
is in 29 steps of 3 chapters
for a total of 43670 words.
A new POV Character added for the 1 year anniversary of the website.single polls
Victoria (Game 1)
is in 73 steps of 11 chapters
for a total of 89470 words.
Female dominant who believes in anal training and properly taking care of her slaves. Also goes by "Vicky". Main female dominant to Daisy, thought which you meet Victoriasingle polls