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global Chapter #1 : Introduction

Catch Daisy with Brody

Catch Daisy with Brody

You arrive in your room and get in only to catch your roommate having anal sex with a girl, on his bed.

You quickly leave and close the door but you hear a shuffle and he opens the door, with clothes back on.

"Sorry, shit, this is a horrible first meeting. Hi, I am Brody.... you must an Allan, I,... well, sorry", he really seemed to be.

"Hey that's ok...", you reply.

"Is that your roommate?", the girl says.

You see that she is also dressed back up, but to be fair, she had only been bottomless.

"Hi, I am Allan"

"And I am Daisy. Sorry, Brody said that he normally doesn't take people back to your room out of respect for you, but see, I live off campus, so we didn't really have another place to go, and you weren't on campus yet"

"Don't apologize, I mean, I kind of interrupted you guys"

Daisy laughs. "Oh, I had time to go, I was just giving a chance for Brody to go too, but hey, I got what I wanted!"

"In that case, sorry to you Brody"

"No worries dude"

Daisy starts to pay attention to you

"Hey, you are new on campus... why did they put you in this section, I thought it was only for sophomores"

"Oh, I did some college credits in high school, just one class really, and when I came in there was a mix-up, and they thought I was a sophomore"

"Seriously? That's weird. I mean, it's not like college credit in high school is worth that much. They hype it up before you graduate but I mean, I took the classes my high school offered and most didn't apply to my degree here anyway"

"Yeah, in my case it was a history course, and they did mark it as completed, but somehow it made me a sophomore"

"Oh, weird. You sound nice. Can you give me your phone for a second?"

You almost ask why, but your friends just told you to comply when a sexy girl asks for your phone,

She types on it.

"There, you have my phone number. Under Daisy."

She raises the phone and takes a selfie of her. "And let me update... There, my picture. I would rather you didn't put in your phone the note that I am the girl you caught getting rammed by Brody but you do you", she says as she gives you your phone.

"Listen, call me anytime. I don't know if you and I are compatible sexually but if you want to find out, call me, just, not today. Brody was enough for me today. I also know a lot of the locals. I am sure Brody here", she slaps him on the shoulder, "Is already trying to hook you up with girls and boys from campus but see, he is missing out on all the local girls and boys who live off campus. If you want to meet them, I am the person to go to. I went to high school with them, I partied with them, I might have had sex with them."

She kisses you on the cheek, and then, Brody on his lips.

"Well, gotta go. I look forward to seeing you real soon Allan. As for you Brody... can you wait until tomorrow to jack off? For me? Please?", and she makes puppy eyes at him.


"So I have time for another orgasm before you do! D'uh..."

She leaves, laughing.

Brody looks at you.

"So... sorry you met me this way"

"No worries Brody. Hey, I can give you a few minutes to recover and freshen up. Let me grab something to drink in the kitchen, and we can try again to meet"

"Good idea! Again, sorry..."

What is your choice?


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