Summary of Chapter Lucy #8: Lucy and Allan become Mindy's slaves, with limited sexuality

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Entire chapter: 2023-11 block 6


Number of steps: 4

Total words: 7521 words

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Fantasies in this chapter

Characters in this chapter

MindyMindy is a strict dominant that is into Sado-Masochism and the physical aspects of BDSM. One of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet. Will be available from the start Details
NoraNora is a major masochist who decided to become Mindy's slave. Important secondary character in the Mindy story lineDetails
LucyLucy wants a steady boyfriend, but unlike Amanda, who falls in love easily, she is hard to get onboard. Rather selfish sexually. One of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet. Will be available from the start Details
WilliamSlave to Mindy.Details
Li HuaLi Hua is a refugee from a minor sect in China. She is a sort of religious icon who needs to be venerated and loved. She is always nude on campus, and wants men to worship her. Even if she likes that the campus is clothing optional, she hates the naturists for rejecting sexuality. So, she wants sexual attention, but hates the Free Use girls who do not focus on their pleasure, but rather on the men's.Details
YasminNudist girl living in StanleyDetails
LeahRoommate to Gloria who respects the chastity fetish of her friend... while going out with Gabriella to her swingers club to look (and only look). Sees herself as a voyeur only.Details
VanyaUltra-feminist lesbian from your women's studies group who really likes to debate you and Debbie.Details
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