Summary of Chapter Emily #3: Daisy and Allan at the Emir's stables

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Entire chapter: 2023-12 block 1


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Total words: 10449 words

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Characters in this chapter

DaisyHub character who can introduce you to the various girls who are living off campus, both students and non-students, including a few she is submissive to.Details
EmilyAristocrat from the UK studying in America to get her degree. From the international Chastity game. Is into human Ponies. You meet her via DaisyDetails
JulleePony girl enthusiast who is owned by Emily and who decided to come with Emily to America. Secondary character who is both a pony girl and a pony trainer. Doesn't go to college. From our International chastity game, but with an alternate spelling to avoid confusion with the main Julie.Details
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