Summary of Chapter Cindy #5: Phase 2 with Cindy

Cindy makes a complete turnover and becomes a strict keyholder

Schedule for writing

A ) 2020-11 block 2
B ) 2020-12 block 2
C ) 2023-07 block 6


Number of steps: 30

Total words: 27270 words

Steps in this chapter

2801The talk
5072Hidden for inner steps
5083Hidden for inner steps
5094Hidden for inner steps
5105Hidden for inner steps
5356Hidden for inner steps
53610Hidden for inner steps
53711Hidden for inner steps
53812Hidden for inner steps
54316Hidden for inner steps
54017Hidden for inner steps
54118Hidden for inner steps
53920Hidden for inner steps
54421Go see Cindy and Olivia
55022Hidden for inner steps
60823Hidden for inner steps
60024New options
60125Hidden for inner steps
60226Hidden for inner steps
60327Hidden for inner steps
54240Hidden for inner steps
54641Hidden for inner steps
54742Hidden for inner steps
54843Hidden for inner steps
54945Hidden for inner steps
54546Hidden for inner steps
60450Go see Cindy and Olivia after the cooldown
60551Hidden for inner steps
60652Hidden for inner steps
60753Hidden for inner steps

Fantasies in this chapter

Either not flagged yet, or no specific fantasies

Characters in this chapter

CindySex-loving girl who has sex with almost everything. Main girl for August 2020. One of the 5 girls that Brody proposes you meet. Will be available from the start. Please note that Cindy is a good friend of Mindy, despite having completely opposite personalities.Details
BrodyBrody is your bisexual roommate. You meet him in the prologue. He will eventually get his own chapters.Details
SteveThe jackhammer, a bisexual guy who prefers hard sex. Go expert, One of the 5 guys that Brody proposes you meet. Will be available from the startDetails
TeaganGirl who lives across the hall and who is constantly cooking desserts for everyone. She learns of your chastity through gossiping and decides to start teasing you.Details
MelodyTeagan's roommate and best friend.Details
OliviaSex-loving roomate to Cindy. You meet her when you meet Cindy. Secondary girl for August 2020.Details
JeanneFriend of Teagan and Melody who is ultra-Catholic. From France (and our International Chastity Game)Details
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