Summary of Chapter Jessica #2: Seeing Katryn and/or Jessica

Since you met Katryn at the Mixer, Jessica assigned you to pledge to her, so you see her, but you also see Jessica and her roommate, Elena. It's also your initiation (along with Kyle, which unlocks his second chapter)

Schedule for writing

Entire chapter: 2020-11 block 3


Number of steps: 14

Total words: 17143 words

Steps in this chapter

5521Text Katryn
5532Text Jessica
5553Hidden for inner steps
5544Hidden for inner steps
5565Hidden for inner steps
5576Hidden for inner steps
5587Hidden for inner steps
5598Hidden for inner steps
56010Hidden for inner steps
56111Hidden for inner steps
56212Hidden for inner steps
56413Hidden for inner steps
56516Hidden for inner steps
58017Hidden for inner steps

Fantasies in this chapter

Characters in this chapter

HopeOther bronze member pledged to Riley.Details
KatrynGirl who joins the same group as Jessica and who becomes rather important to you.Details
Jessica SmithYour partner from the Laboratory 101 class. Seems to be in some sort of cult or secret society. Will be available by attending your Lab. Kyle however, meets her from the start.Details
ElenaElena is in a relationship with her high school sweetheart, Kyle, and while he is happy, but she wants more from this relationship but doesn't know what exactly. Jessica, her roommate however, seems to be in a secret society that knows what to do with guys.Details
KyleKyle considers himself lucky. He got to college with his sexy high school sweetheart, got a room next door to her on campus, and they love each other. What could go wrong? Kyle is a Point of View character who gets put into chastity by his girlfriend Elena when she joins Jessica's secret society Details
Allan J. SmithThat's you! That's the character you play in almost every chapter (that is, all those not from Jenny or Kyle's point of view). You are into chastity but the rest about you is fluid: it depends on your choicesDetails
RileyMember in Jessica's secret society. Secondary character in Jessica's storylineDetails
SophiaHigh Priestess in Jessica's secret society Secondary character in Jessica's storylineDetails
TylerGuy in chastity who is pledged to JessicaDetails
QuinnLesbian girl pledged to Hope.Details
JacksonGuy in chastity who is pledged to HopeDetails
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