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global Chapter #2 : Intermission

Thinking about your next step

This page is special. You will come here often!

Each time that you finish a chapter, you will come back here, in your room, thinking about your next step.

Often, the next step will be to meet with someone you heard of, but never met. Other times, it will be to return to a previous lover/keyholder.

In many cases, you will be here with your key, looking for a new keyholder but your key might be somewhere else!

Over time, more and more chapters will be added, some long, some short.

If you see nothing, then you have reached the end of the game, as it is currently made.


As of December 15th, many main characters will now block out other main characters once you begin to play with them.

As soon as you select an "exclusivity" character as listed on the cast page, you now lose access for this game to the other exclusivity characters.

What is your choice?

Standard choices from Allan Point of view

Special choices from Allan's point of view

Guides on how to meet hard to meet characters

Choices from Tim's Point of view

Choices from Jenny's Point of view

Choices from Niles's Point of view

Choices from Kyle's Point of view

Choices from Carter's Point of view

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Tired of waiting?

You can now skip a few days, but be warned.. some characters do not like waiting and skiping might make you lose them: There is no turning back!

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