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#1Averi's promotion
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2022-12 block 2
Game 3Averi gets a new promotion, and moves with her husband to the High Rhine Enclave. On location, he is put in chastity and they are briefed that this is a female domination nation. What are the going to do?

Fantasies: Bareback sex, Blow job, Chastity device exposed outside of intimacy, Lesbian sex
(and free)
#2Avery's team
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2023-01 block 2
Game 3Averi discovers her workplace, while Monty and her set up their new apartment.Live
(and free)
#3Monty takes his place and doesn't buy his key
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Game 3Monty realizes that his wife has a high position in society, with a level of expectations and decide not to go for the key and thus, builds a new life around permanent chastity with the wife he adores.

Fantasies: Permanent Chastity
(Not fully written yet)