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#1Greta finds Nina
(9821 words in 5 steps)
2022-08 block 4
Game 2Greta wants kids, and her husband Cody. But Cody is an African American, which doesn't mind at all as a husband, but she wants white kids to give them a good chance in life. When she hears about Nina and Ellie's new sexuality with chastity, and an upcoming play party, she gets onboard.

Fantasies: CMNF
(and free)
#2Greta and Cody get around
(12775 words in 6 steps)
2022-09 block 4
Game 2Greta has her threesome with Nina and Ellie, and then, has sex with Bob and Greg while Cody has sex with Mona, Nina and Ellie.

Fantasies: CMNF, Cuckolding, Cuckqueening, Fingering a girl in chastity, foursome, Male Domination, Sex out of chastity, Swinging, Verbal humiliation, Woman cooking naked
(and free)