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#1Evan wants less sex
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2023-02 block 1
Game 2Evan has a rich and varied sex life which many men would kill for: not only is Katelyn having sex with him over 10 times per week, but they are swingers, Katelyn does gang bangs, and sex is omnipresent in their life. They also have threesomes and foursomes with people met at swingers clubs or online and see them at their home or theirs. Only, Evan wants to change his hotwife into a cuckoldress, in other words, he wants her to have as much sex as she does, but not him.

Fantasies: Gang Bang, Lesbian sex, Swinging
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#2Evan gets less sex than her expected
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2023-02 block 3
Game 2Now that Katelyn got him in chastity during the swinging as the way to reduce her guilt, she realizes that she hold all of the cards. Evan didn't want to have sex with anyone but Katelyn, but Katelyn no longer lets him have sex, period. She also goes out alone, leaving him at home and only sending him pictures when she does. All he gets, are pity hand jobs, and no way back. And now, the wedding is coming and she wants him in permanent chastity..

Fantasies: Anal sex on a woman, Cream pie eating, Cuckolding, Gang Bang, Lesbian sex, Swinging, Taking nude pictures
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