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#1Seeing Melanie
(7301 words in 9 steps)
2021-08 block 2
Game 1You spend time with Melanie, without CathyLive
(and free)
#2Melanie falls in love
(12606 words in 7 steps)
2022-12 block 6
Game 1Melanie falls in love? The pansexual free love French Canadian drummer girl assists to a DJ fight between Amanda (DJ Amy) and Manon (French Kiss DJ) and falls in love with the Toulouse singing accent of the French Rave addict girl. It's Mutual! Only, Manon is "straight", so if Melanie wants to date her, Allan (and not Alicia) needs to be Manon "on paper" boyfriend.

Fantasies: Lesbian sex, Locked threesome with two girls
(and free)
#3Melanie pimps you out
(0 words in 0 steps)
Game 1Now that Manon and Melanie are dating, and Manon likes to watch Melanie having sex, and Melanie likes for Alicia to have sex with men... so... Alicia will have sex with men, in front of Melanie and Manon.

Fantasies: Male bisexuality while in chastity, Male in chastity performing a blow job
(Not fully written yet)