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#1Natasha discovers sapphic pleasure
(9160 words in 6 steps)
A ) 2022-07 block 2
B ) 2023-09 block 4
Game 2Married to Jeffrey, Natasha decides to act on her sexual desire for women, and realizes that she enjoys pushing Jeffrey's limits.
Narrated by Natasha

Fantasies: Lesbian sex
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#2Nathan discovers that chastity is there to stay
(10105 words in 6 steps)
2024-01 block 4
Game 2Nathan is initially happy that Natasha is bisexual and sexually active with women (including seeing Drew again!), but he is more and more into chastity, he realizes slowly that it might not just be a phase.
Narrated by Drew
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#3Natasha realizes she holds all of the cards
(161 words in 1 steps)
Game 2Natasha realizes that since she can have sex with women, and her husband cannot even masturbate, she holds all the cards. His only way out is a divorce, and come on, he married above his rank and look. He isn't going to get divorced from her. No way.
Narrated by Jeffrey
#4Natasha meets Kirsty
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Game 2When Jeffrey brings his colleague Kirsty home to talk about work, Natasha and her accidentally realize that they are attracted to each other. Much to Jeffrey's horror, Kirsty makes a move which changes his work relationship.
Narrated by Kirsty
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#5Dating Kirsty
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Game 2Natasha now dates Kirsty, who ends up moving in with Natasha and Jeffrey. "What does a Lesbian bring to her second date? A moving truck", jokes Natasha.
Narrated by Natasha
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