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#1Nina pushes
(9976 words in 6 steps)
2022-01 block 1
Game 2Nina reflects on her life and decides to take control of her husband Amar's sex drive. Enough is enough!Live
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#2Bringing it all together
(13467 words in 10 steps)
2022-03 block 4
Game 2Nina now has 2 men in chastity around her that she is sexually involved with, and wants to create something out of it.

Fantasies: Cuckolding, Female submission, Male Domination, Mouth Gag, Oral sex on a girl in chastity, Spanking, Unlocked threesome with two girls, Washing a girl in a bathtub, Woman cooking naked
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#3The first chastity party
(11616 words in 6 steps)
2022-10 block 4
Game 2Nina finally organizes, in the office, on a weekend, the first chastity play party where she gathers the couples she knows about who are playing with chastity to have some fun, especially between the girls. At this first play party. Nina and Amar as well as Ellie and Bob are the hosts. Greta and Cody as well as Mona and Greg attend, for a total of four women and four men in chastity where all bets are off.

Fantasies: Cane, CFNM, Chastity device exposed outside of intimacy, Chastity Game, Cuckolding, Cuckqueening, Denied an orgasm after sex, Eating your own sperm, Female Domination, Group sex (in or out of chastity), Lesbian sex, Oral sex on a girl in chastity, Orgy, Paddle, Rim job, Ruined orgasm, Spanking, Unlocked just for masturbation, Unlocked threesome with two girls
In Beta
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#4The second chastity party
(10495 words in 7 steps)
2023-01 block 4
Game 2The second chastity play party, with more people and more losers!Written
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