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#1Meeting Teagan
(18984 words in 25 steps)
Game 1Teagan is an annoying neighbors who constantly interrupts you. This is the chapter in which she does

Fantasies: Verbal humiliation
(and free)
#2Getting Closer to Teagan
(7330 words in 5 steps)
A ) 2020-10 block 6
B ) 2020-11 block 2
Game 1First short chapter in which you get to really interact with Teagan. Unlocks the Sarah character.Live
(and free)
#3A time journey
(13707 words in 9 steps)
2020-12 block 1
Game 1You get to meet Sarah again, after meeting her in Teagan's second chapter

Fantasies: Blow job, Blow job after bareback penis in vagina sex, Cuckold Pregnancy, Cuckolding, Permanent Chastity, Prince Albert Piercing, Unlocked threesome with two girls, Woman cooking naked
(and free)
#4Melody and Teagan
(11972 words in 9 steps)
A ) 2021-07 block 6
B ) 2021-09 block 4
Game 1Melody starts to act weird toward Allan, which causes Teagan to react.Live
(and free)
#5Teagan goes wild
(10067 words in 7 steps)
A ) 2022-03 block 6
B ) 2022-06 block 6
Game 1Teagan is angry at Allan and all bets are off! Even Sarah will not be able to calm her down.

Fantasies: Amputation
K1Welcome to the Keyholder service
(6841 words in 5 steps)
2023-02 block 3
Keyholder.topIntroduction to the virtual Keyholder server, where Teagan introduces you to the service, and helps you pick a keyholder.In Progress
K2Updating Teagan about your day
(22571 words in 11 steps)
2023-02 block 5
Keyholder.topThis is the chapter where you update Teagan about how your day went.In Progress