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#1Handling Gregor
(12630 words in 6 steps)
2022-06 block 5
Game 2Georgia is desperately in love with Miles, her prince charming. Sadly, he already has a princess, Simone who miraculously agrees to share Miles with Georgia. Wow, that makes her blessed and happy, even if she is a second fiddle. Better be a part-time girlfriend to Miles than to be with a moron. Speaking of a moron, Georgia agreed to marry one when she was in college and that moron takes advantage of her when she is drunk. Well, Simone has an idea on how to solve that.

Fantasies: Cuckolding, Lesbian sex
(and free)
#2Georgia gets closer to Miles
(6951 words in 3 steps)
2023-06 block 4
Game 2Now that Gregor is in Chastity, Georgia tries to get closer to Miles which isn't as easy as it seemed, so she drinks again, but this time, Gregor is in no position to take advantage of her.Live
(and free)