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Some chapters have unpublished content, and some, like the former Prologue, are hidden from this list



#1Seducing Lucy
(16377 words in 11 steps)
2021-05 block 6
Game 1You go to see Lucy and try to start dating her

Fantasies: CMNF
(and free)
#2Dating Lucy
(13918 words in 7 steps)
2021-06 block 4
Game 1You go on more dates with Lucy, improving your relationship with her.

Fantasies: CFNM
(and free)
#3Earning Points with Lucy
(20494 words in 15 steps)
A ) 2021-07 block 4
B ) 2021-08 block 4
C ) 2022-06 block 1
Game 1Semi-independent steps which you can take to earn points with Lucy. Most have previous steps as requirements to be performed.

Fantasies: Free use, Lesbian sex, Oral sex on a girl in chastity
(and free)
#4Spending points with Lucy
(18104 words in 11 steps)
A ) 2021-07 block 4
B ) 2021-08 block 4
C ) 2022-06 block 3
Game 1Semi-independent steps in which you can spend points to do positive things with Lucy, including unlocks.

Fantasies: Eating your own sperm, Lesbian sex, Naturism, Ruined orgasm, Taking nude pictures
(and free)
#5Progress on the map
(2289 words in 1 steps)
2021-08 block 4
Game 1When a special gate is reached which changed the rules with Lucy, steps from this chapter will be played.hold
#6The map's roundabout
(30682 words in 18 steps)
A ) 2022-12 block 1
B ) 2022-12 block 3
Game 1

Fantasies: Cuckolding, Female Domination, Naturism, Sadomasochism
For supporters
($1 and more)
#7Lucy teases and hurts you and everyone knows
(6445 words in 4 steps)
2023-06 block 6
Game 1

Fantasies: CFNM, Chastity device exposed outside of intimacy, Denied an orgasm after sex, Female Domination, Paddle, Sadomasochism, Verbal teasing, Whipping
In Beta
($4 and more)
#8Lucy and Allan become Mindy's slaves, with limited sexuality
(0 words in 0 steps)
2023-11 block 6
Game 1

Fantasies: Anal sex on a woman, Blow job, Bondage, Double penetration, Ejaculation on a girl, Female Chastity, Female Domination, Female submission, Free use, Lesbian sex, Paddle, Pussy-free relationship, Sadomasochism, Unlocked just for masturbation, Whipping
(Not fully written yet)
#9Lucy is a sex starved naturist hotwife
(10084 words in 7 steps)
2023-09 block 6
Game 1

Fantasies: Anal sex on a woman, Blow job, CMNF, Cuckolding, Naturism, Sex out of chastity
(Not published yet)
#10Lucy is a point counting, threesome having, cuckolding Allan
(0 words in 0 steps)
2023-10 block 6
Game 1

Fantasies: Cuckolding, Group sex (in or out of chastity), Lesbian sex, Oral sex on a girl during her periods, Oral sex on a girl in chastity, Strap-on, Unlocked threesome with two girls, Verbal humiliation, Verbal teasing
(Not fully written yet)