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#1Meeting Cindy
(13167 words in 19 steps)
2020-08 block 2
Game 1You meet Cindy and get to have (unlocked) sex with her and her roommate Olivia!

Fantasies: Anal sex on a woman, Foot fetishism, Losing your virginity, Sex out of chastity, Unlocked threesome with two girls
(and free)
#2Hangout with Cindy and Olivia
(13317 words in 15 steps)
2020-08 block 4
Game 1After accepting Cindy as your keyholder, you keep seeing her and doing various sexual things with her and Olivia

Fantasies: Cream pie eating, Double penetration, Lesbian sex, Male bisexuality while in chastity, Male in chastity performing a blow job, One condom, two girls, Oral sex on a girl in chastity, Pegging, Unlocked threesome with two girls
(and free)
#3Night out with Olivia
(0 words in 0 steps)
Game 1Future
(Not fully written yet)
#4Cindy's gang bang
(7964 words in 9 steps)
2020-09 block 1
Game 1Cindy invites you to one of her gang bangs!

Fantasies: Double penetration, Ejaculation on a girl, Gang Bang, Unlocked just for masturbation, Verbal humiliation, Verbal teasing
(and free)
#5Phase 2 with Cindy
(27270 words in 30 steps)
A ) 2020-11 block 2
B ) 2020-12 block 2
C ) 2023-07 block 6
Game 1Cindy makes a complete turnover and becomes a strict keyholderIn Progress
#6Seeing Cindy
(8279 words in 5 steps)
A ) 2021-05 block 4
B ) 2024-02 block 6
C ) 2024-03 block 6
Game 1Cindy now lets you see her have sex almost anytime you want, but the sad news is... all sexuality with her or Olivia is now completely off the table. You can only watch.Written
(Not published yet)
#7Edging madness
(3897 words in 3 steps)
A ) 2024-04 block 3
B ) 2024-04 block 4
C ) 2024-04 block 6
Game 1Cindy edges Allan twice per week, and every 2 weeks, either Cindy or Olivia gives him a hand job to completion instead of just edging him.Written
(Not published yet)
#8Cindy as your girlfriend
(483 words in 1 steps)
2024-05 block 6
Game 1You managed to impress Cindy enough to make your relationship official. It means that now, when she has sex with others, she is officially cuckolding you! It also means you can almost always see her have sex. You also get closer emotionally.In Progress
#9Dungeon and Dragons with DM Cindy
(13131 words in 5 steps)
2022-07 block 6
Game 1Special exclusive chapter for our 2 years anniversary, with all of the 5 original characters, plus Sophia and Helga. Isn't that too many characters? You bet!

Fantasies: Naturism
#10Meet with Cindy and Olivia
(0 words in 0 steps)
Game 1Future
(Not fully written yet)
K1Cindy as your keyholder
(14441 words in 11 steps)
A ) 2023-03 block 5
B ) 2023-03 block 6
C ) 2023-07 block 1
Keyholder.topCindy can become your keyholder at Details upcoming.In Progress