Chapters with written content, where Ruby appears

Chapters with written content, where Ruby appears
RubyEric's girlfriend from your Trigonometry Remedial class. Important secondary character in the Eric storylineDetails

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Some chapters have unpublished content, and some, like the former Prologue, are hidden from this list



#12Marriage and kids
(8759 words in 6 steps)
2024-03 block 5
Game 1Amanda realized that her biological clock is ticking, and wants kids, with Allan. To secure the situation, she officially divorces and marries him, without breaking up with her wife.In Alpha
($10 and more)


K1Cindy as your keyholder
(14441 words in 11 steps)
A ) 2023-03 block 5
B ) 2023-03 block 6
C ) 2023-07 block 1
Keyholder.topCindy can become your keyholder at Details upcoming.In Progress


#2Life as Alicia
(11264 words in 8 steps)
2021-12 block 2
Game 1While having sex with Evelyn in chapter 1, she wants to make you understand what female orgasms feel like, so she turns Allan into Alicia for the night.

Fantasies: Naturism
(and free)


#1Julie's CMNF Event
(21822 words in 12 steps)
A ) 2021-11 block 5
B ) 2021-11 block 6
C ) 2022-01 block 6
Game 1

Fantasies: CMNF, Edging, Foot fetishism, Lesbian sex, Rim job
(and free)


#1Leah wants to submit to someone
(7690 words in 5 steps)
2023-11 block 5
Game 1Leah, now in chastity, wants to be more active but doesn't have the courage to do it. She recruits Allan so they can submit to people together, and discovers she might be in deeper than she thought when Allan find Eric as a possible dominant, but has to learn to enjoy it

Fantasies: Anal sex on a woman, Chastity device exposed outside of intimacy, CMNF, Externaly Enforced Chastity, Female Chastity, Female submission, Lesbian sex, Male bisexuality while in chastity, Male Domination, Nudity in public, while in chastity, Sodomized by a man, while in chastity
In Beta
($4 and more)


#1The pitch
(23965 words in 13 steps)
A ) 2021-09 block 4
B ) 2022-05 block 5
Game 1You bump into Rita as she tries to convince Gloria to let her speak at her chastity meeting, where chastity means abstinence before marriage and nothing else. This is the start of Rita's quest to put more and more people in chastity devices.

Fantasies: Female Chastity
#2Rita keeps going
(15415 words in 6 steps)
2022-10 block 6
Game 1

Fantasies: Female Chastity


#2Playing Sabrina's games
(10248 words in 10 steps)
2021-10 block 3
Game 1After Sabrina revealed a little too much while she was drunk in chapter 1, she accelerates some of her plans.Live
(and free)