Chapters with written content, where Penny appears

Chapters with written content, where Penny appears
PennyPenny is looking for a boyfriend, but what she likes the most, are games. Everything is a game to her, so when it comes to chastity, she will make a game out of it. Picking marbles out of a bag to get unlocked. Playing board games to win favors. Using dices to make decisions. If Penny is selected, a random number generator will be used to determine certain outcomes!Details

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K1Cindy as your keyholder
(14441 words in 11 steps)
A ) 2023-03 block 5
B ) 2023-03 block 6
C ) 2023-07 block 1
Keyholder.topCindy can become your keyholder at Details upcoming.In Progress


#7Lucy teases and hurts you and everyone knows
(6445 words in 4 steps)
2023-06 block 6
Game 1

Fantasies: CFNM, Chastity device exposed outside of intimacy, Denied an orgasm after sex, Female Domination, Paddle, Sadomasochism, Verbal teasing, Whipping
For supporters
($1 and more)


#1Penny wants to play
(10653 words in 6 steps)
2023-04 block 5
Game 1Penny learns about Allan from Brody and comes to see him to propose a deal: if he agrees to try and date her, she will use games to keep him in chastity, starting with a die to be rolled daily.

Fantasies: Chastity Game
(and free)
K1Penny and her marbles
(9199 words in 10 steps)
A ) 2023-02 block 4
B ) 2023-04 block 6
C ) 2023-07 block 3
Keyholder.topPenny is excited to be your keyholder, using marbles to determine when you will next be able to masturbate. Do things for her, and she will have white ones which allow you to masturbate. Displease her and you will get a black ball put back. Piss her off, and you will get a second red ball. In Progress


K2Updating Teagan about your day
(22571 words in 11 steps)
2023-02 block 5
Keyholder.topThis is the chapter where you update Teagan about how your day went.In Progress